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childalert is here to help keep you informed and your children happy, healthy, confident and safe. You will find expert advice and tips on everything from pregnancy to childproofing, healthy eating and childcare, hot topics and current parenting news plus educational and child safety technology advice. In addition childalert has the very best safety products for keeping children safe in your home and on the move.

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Children's Internet Agreement

Set up a contract between you and your child

Welcome aboard Dad

Just think of the changes there have been for parents over the last 99 years. History tells us that fathers, whatever their stations in life, were not in the past involved with their newborn infants

Outdoor activities for children

It's sunny and playing outside provides babies, toddlers and children with wonderful opportunities to explore and encourage all areas of their development.

Wireless Gadgets and Technology

A website called wiredchild will help you decide whether to give your child a mobile phone, and when, and how to reduce their risk if they have one.

Halloween Safety Tips


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