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Mums’ Anxiety Around Immunisation

Younger mums are particularly susceptible to immunisation anxiety. Over half of younger mums worry about child immunisations, compared to just a third of mums aged over 45. Even more worryingly, 16% of younger mums have delayed vital immunisations due to concerns about pain, compared to just 6.7% of mums overall.

Mums’ Anxiety Around Immunisation

Watch the  video where Dr Miriam addresses whether parents should immunise their children, what fears parents have, whether they should worry about the pain of the prick and how parents can make the process less stressful for their child.


“As a doctor I feel immunisation to be vital but as a mother and grandmother I understand the distress and anxiety mums can experience during the immunisation process. I am concerned that younger mums in particular seem to experience more anxiety aDr Miriam Stoppard

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