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Emotional overload

The trigger for major tantrums

Feeling that their independence is being threatened when you refuse, for good reason, to let them wear shorts on a freezing day!


The limited abilities of toddlers to explain what they want, or succeed at everything they try, can lead to tantrums.



The first tantrums don’t start just to get attention but if you do give lots of attention, chances are they will have one again soon!

Wanting something they can’t have Whether it’s sweets you’ve said noto, or a toy from another child,accepting that they can’t haveeverything takes a long time.


Proving independence

Feeling that their independence is being threatened when you refuse, for good reason, to let them wear shorts on a freezing day!


Emotional overload

Coping with masses of new experiences and emotions every day, which can easily become overwhelming.


Simple pleasures

For many parents, the best thing about having toddlers is seeing the pleasure they get from simple things. A lesson we could all (re)learn. “Use empty cardboard boxes as makeshift cars, pirate ships, wendy houses and so on – with a little bit of time and the minimum of artistic inspiration, the box can create hours of fun and at no cost,” suggests

Christine from St Georges RC Primary School. “Spend as much time with your children as possible – when they’re older, they won’t remember if you ironed their pyjamas but they will remember if you took time to play with them,” says Anita from Co. Durham. “The best thing about being the parent of a toddler,” claims Clare from Langstone Newport, “is their total joy in things which grown-ups have forgotten about – a balloon, drawing, singing a song, learning to jump.”

“Feeding the ducks is such a de-stresser – there’s something about throwing bread that’s really fun even for adults,” says the mother of Florence.


The plus points

Despite the stress toddlers can bring, most parents agree that the positives of toddlerhood far outweigh the negatives. Of all the positives, unconditional love scores highly with parents and is guaranteed to get them all misty-eyed.

As one parent from Twyford Tots Nursery puts it, “The great thing about being a parent is when you’re tired and a kiss or a hug makes you feel a whole lot better.”

Or, as Audrey from Antrim says, “When they run up to you, put their arms around your leg as though they are giving you a hug and say, ‘Iuv you’ for no apparent reason.” “Watching them grow into little people rather than ‘just babies’,” says Rachel from Dyfed.

“The pleasure you get from making them giggle and doing something that gets a real belly laugh,” says John.


Eileen’s advice: “Make the most of the fun times with toddlers and find time to laugh together.This stage is over in a flash and many parents look back with real regret when their child is setting off for school.”

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