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Top 10 Toddler Tips and Top 10 Testers


“The joy of children is something that will stay with you for life. I have four and although at times you pull your hair out, I have so many funny memories, I wouldn’t change them for the world.”


1. Spend time with them,” says Steven from London.

2 “Never shout,” says Chris. “Sitting down and talking to them one-to-one helps much more.”

3 “Give them your attention and when the going gets tough, distract them,” says Tweedie.

“The joy of children is something that will stay with you for life. I have four and although at times you pull your hair out, I have so many funny memories, I wouldn’t change them for the world.” “Don’t focus on the t

4 “Always pace out your toddler’s day,” says Mrs Garside from Halifax. “If you’re doing something busy in the morning, do something quiet in the afternoon.”

5 “Try to look at the world through the toddler’s eyes,” says Gerry from London.

6 “When your child refuses to do something, offer him a choice, so he feels he’s in control,” says Julia from Newport.

7 “Always kiss and make up if you do shout at them,” says Lulu.

8 “Don’t worry about mess – clear toys away at bedtime,” says the mother of Florence.

9 “When you feel at the end of your tether and you’re losing control, imagine they’re your neighbour’s children and treat them as such. It helps,” says Colette.

10 “Minimise your stress levels by looking after yourself as well as your toddler,” says Keith from Kent.


YOU time


Many parents say exhaustion is the most challenging aspect of having a toddler.

So don’t forget to look after Number One. “Always make time for yourself,” says Alison from

Sittingbourne. “The happier and more relaxed you are, the happier your children will be.”

“Have ‘You time’ every day even if it’s just ten minutes reading,” suggests Lulu.

“Try and get as much help as you can – or take a break if you can afford childcare or have relatives who can help,” says Mrs Garside from Halifax. “And if it all seems a bit much,” explains Annie from Horsham, “remember the reason why it’s so stressful is because you want the best for them. If you need to talk to someone, you can usually find a friend going through the same thing. There is also plenty of good advice to be found – like this!”



1 “Coping with tantrums,” says Stephen from Co. Tyrone.

2 “Being consistent when you’re both tired," says John from Hartlepool.

3 “Being a slave to a two-footer,” says Rachel from Dyfed.

4 “The clinging,” says Linda from White Waltham. “Sometimes I can’t leave my sofa for a whole day without being clung to and asked for a ‘huggle’.”

5 “The frustration,” says Clare from Langstone Newport. “Trying to reason with my daughter about why she shouldn’t scribble on walls and why she

has to sit in her car seat.”

6 “The endless questions . . . although it is still the greatest compliment when they look at you and only you, as the source of all knowledge,” says Karen.

7 “Trying to beat the guilt,” says Andy, “which comes when you realise no matter how much time you spend with your children, it is NEVER enough.”

8 “Other people’s opinions of how you should bring up your child,” says Elise from Leamington Spa.

9 “Coping with sleepless nights,” says Paul from Newton Hall, “and trying not to let them affect your everyday life.”

10 “Not understanding the concept of sharing so when her older sister has something she wants – the biting and hitting starts until she gets it,” says Audrey from Antrim.


 The best thing


• “The best thing,” says Sharon, “is watching them becoming their own little person, which at the same time can be the most challenging of things too!”

• Sue from Leek believes that “the best thing is the way in which just looking at them can make your heart soften, even on a not-so-good day, if you just stop what you’re doing in order to enjoy them.”

• For Chris, “The best thing is watching them change every day. My child is picking up on all kinds of things and I just love seeing them trying to mimic you.”

• Stephen from Co. Tyrone reckons “the best thing is watching the changes and learning every day. Each day is an adventure.”

• And one parent from Twyford Tots Nursery thinks that “the best thing is waking up in the morning to see a smiling face looking at you out of his cot.”

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