Fire Safety

Fire Safety Tips for the Kitchen

Nearly two-thirds of all home fires start in the kitchen.

It is imperative, especially for families with children, to take numerous precautions to ensure that the kitchen remains a safe environment

It is imperative, especially for families with children, to take numerous precautions to ensure that the kitchen remains a safe environment.


Must be fitted with childproof doors, anti-topple brackets cooker safety guards. Keep a fire blanket in the cooker area and ensure you know how to use it. Get a fire extinguisher; five or ten-pound extinguishers are readily available.

Most fires start when the cooker is left unattended. If answering the `phone, for example, turn off the heat. Never leave oil on the stove unattended. Leaving cooking oil on the range top while you are not in the kitchen area is a leading cause of kitchen fires. It only takes a few seconds for the oil to overheat, begin boiling out and starting a fire. If a small fire develops in a pot or pan, turn off the heat, cover it with a fire blanket or damp tea towel, and leave to cool. Don`t be tempted to throw water on it (the same applies to any electrical fire).Keeping your oven, grill and stovetop clean are vital aspects of preventing a fire. Grease and other food build-up can eventually cause a fire. Clean your cooker regularly. The kitchen is not a playroom. Never leave children unattended even for short periods. Make sure matches and lighters are locked away and out of reach of children. Explain to your child(ren) how dangerous fire can be.

Smoke Alarms

Ideally, smoke alarms should be fitted in every room, and close to, but not in, the kitchen. Alarms should be tested on a monthly basis, and the batteries changed twice a year, or more frequently if the "battery low" light is illuminated. For the hearing-impaired, there are special devices available, which make use of a vibrating pad or flashing light instead of the auditory signal.

In the Event of Fire

If you have a fire, do not attempt to extinguish it, unless you consider if safe. Leave the property, close all doors and do not re-enter the property until told it is safe. If you are trapped in a fire situation and are unable to leave your properly safely, don`t panic, the fire control operator will stay on the line with you and has been specifically trained to offer fire survival guidance to help you until the fire engine arrives.

Dial 999

If you require the Fire Brigade, always dial 999. You can call free from any phone. Don`t be afraid to dial the Fire Brigade even if you are not sure if there is a fire.  Don`t think, "I better not dial it`s probably nothing." It is better to be safe than sorry.  Don`t assume that someone else must have already rung for the Fire Brigade. They we would rather receive several calls than none at all.

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