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Sun Safe

Skin cancer is on the increase and it is one of the most common cancers in the UK.

Having fun once the sun comes out is wonderful - but it is essential that we also stay SUN SAFE. Skin cancer is on the increase and it is one of the most common cancers in the UK.

What causes skin cancer? It is the damage and change caused to skin cells when exposed to ultraviolet light (UV rays). The greater amount of time we spend in the sun the greater risk. We all spend much more time outdoors in the sun than generations before – we holiday in the sun, play sport, expose ourselves to the suns rays in gardens and play areas.

We can however protect ourselves by being aware and adhering to these sun safety tips. Remember also to look out for early warning signs and if you suspect anything go and see your doctor immediately.

• Always wear a hat when out in the sun and sunscreen (factor 15+)

• It is best not to be exposed to the direct sun during the hottest part of the day 11-3pm. Sit in the shade or indoors.

• Babies do not need to be exposed to the sun at all - their skin is delicate.

• Keep shoulders and the back of the neck covered as much as possible

• Make sure you are never over exposed to the sun - getting burnt can increase the risk of cancer

• Sun creams can easily wash off so remember to reapply if you are in and out of water

• Wet clothes can stretch and do not offer as much protection

• It is wise to encourage children to take a hat to school to wear when out at play break - a bottle of water is also sensible to avoid dehydration

Those most at risk:

• Have fair hair and freckles

• Have red or fair hair or pale eyes

• Have had skin cancer before

• Have lots of moles

• Have skin cancer in the family

• Have had bad sun burn in the past

 • Burn easily 

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