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Death on the roads

Shockingly, every 10 minutes, a child or young person is killed or injured on UK roads

Children are more at risk from 3pm onwards as they are walking home from school or being driven by distracted drivers.

Road deaths are the biggest ‘accidental’ cause of death of children and young people.

We all seem to take it for granted that a car is an essential part of life, we get in it, turn on the ignition and go from A to B. However there many drivers that just do not respect the vehicle and misuse it without concern for the safety of others.

Sadly there are also some young adults who do drive cars without licenses and without experience. These are lethal combinations and it is inevitable that someone will be hurt!

So in some way it is up to the pedestrian to be in control. 

Be seen. Be alert. Think!


• Always use a pavement or footpath

• Don’t walk in a huddle causing one to walk on and off the road to keep together

• Concentrate on your walk

• Don’t listen to ipods and other music distractions / talk on the phone

• Be careful crossing roads – don’t take risks. Use the Zebra crossings /pedestrian lights

• Wear bright clothing if out at dusk and night

• If cycling ensure you have lights


Too much Punch for Judy!

This is a very sad story – Judy is a mum of 15 years old Sarah.

Judy agreed to collect her daughter from a party late one Saturday night. She had spent the evening at home watching TV and a glass or two or three of wine. She wasn’t counting !

Sadly, having collected her daughter and on the drive home she lost control of her car and drove into a tree. Sarah was killed.

Never drink and drive. Never get into a car with someone who has been drinking. Remember you have the right to say NO, to stay in control.


Young Driver


One in five young people are involved in a crash during their first year of driving .

A controversial programme called Young Driver is being piloted and will involve 11 to 16-year-olds driving a sporty SEAT Ibiza in the NEC car park for the hour-long lessons.

They will take place after school and during holidays.

“Young Driver has two objectives – to reduce the worryingly high accident rate among new drivers and to give kids a fun and exciting learning experience.

“We are delighted that our sponsors, SEAT and Admiral MultiCar, are committed to these objectives too and we all look forward to tens of thousands of young people benefiting from this initiative over the coming years.”

But Birmingham-based ROSPA, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, urged the people behind Young Driver to focus on attitudes towards the road, rather than just the practical skills.

Duncan Vernon, road safety manager at ROSPA, said: “It is certainly important that children and teenagers have opportunities to think about road safety before they start formal driving lessons. In fact, pre-driver education is currently being developed on a national basis as part of wider reforms to the learning-to-drive process.

 As parents we can help stop the appalling deaths and injuries by giving our kids the knowledge, skills and attitudes to help them in and out of cars, on and off the roads.

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