Fire Safety

Fire Safety Tips

Parents, make sure you talk through the necessary fire safety rules with your children

Remember Safety First. Stay Safe!

Do you have a smoke alarm at home?

What sort of noise does a smoke detector make - would you recognise it if it were to go off? Teach older children to leave the house for a particular place (make sure it is safe) whenever they hear the alarm. They should not wait for you.

Do you know where the nearest public telephone is outside your home?

What number would you dial to call the Fire Brigade?

If a fire occurs in your home - GET OUT and STAY OUT - do not attempt to help to put it out or to collect personal items

Never leave a hot pan or clothes near to the cooker or a heater

Do not play in the kitchen when cooking is taking place

Don't keep matches in reach or visible to children - don't play with matches

Do not go near to or play near to a heater or open living room fire

Keep toys away from heaters and fires

Plan an escape route (and an alternative in case that one is blocked) and make sure the children know about it.

Teach older children about fire - how to leave a smoke filled room, not opening doors or windows etc,

Every home should have a smoke detector and alarm. It should be tested at regular intervals and batteries should be changed every six months.

If you live in a tall building with bedrooms at the top - a fire ladder should be available.

 Remember Safety First. Stay Safe! 

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