Home Childcare - Now more affordable than ever

The cost of placing children in day nurseries is constantly on the increase.

But now the option of employing a nanny, particularly if you have more than one child, offers a more financially attractive alternative. Whilst offering the numerous other benefits that come with giving your child one to one care.

It is highly likely that if you have two children in a nursery the overall cost would be higher than employing a nanny to care for them full time.

With modern day business practices being applied to the nanny business, Tinies Childcare has shown how it is possible for many more families to employ an experienced and qualified person to care for their children at home. This has many benefits; the nanny can be live in or come in daily on a part time, full time or share basis with another family.

Employing a nanny is no longer something that is just for the wealthy where it was often seen as a status symbol. It is more cost effective than ever and with recent tax changes making it beneficial for nannies to set themselves up as Limited Companies the overall cost of employing a nanny is reduced by up to 25%. This is a service that Tinies Childcare can help with.

Employers today rely on women more than ever to maintain staffing levels:

• In the last ten years the number of women employed in senior positions has increased by more than a third.

• In 2001 80% of all new entrants into the workforce were female indicating the increasing need for childcare over the coming years.

• In 2001 48% of the national workforce was female.

• There is currently only one nursery school place per seven children.

However because of the shortage of nursery school places a lot of women will make the decision not to return to work. The effect of this can be devastating, not only does it cost an employer the equivalent of a year’s salary if a woman does not return after maternity. It also impacts on the family in reducing their income down to one salary.

For the children, being cared for at home has a great many advantages. They get constant one to one attention and care within their own environment with someone that they can learn to relate to and trust, and offers greater flexibility to fit around careers. Nannies will help with nursery duties and can be responsible for keeping the children’s room clean and tidy, changing beds and keeping laundry up to date etc. Leaving more time for parents to spend with the child and not having to worry about getting organised for the following day. 

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