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Mother develops natural cure for eczema

Eczema is an itchy inflammation of the skin, associated to a varying degree with other features ....

.........  such as:
  • redness of affected areas of skin
  • generally dry skin, which is often thickened in the areas that have been scratched
  • lumps or blisters in affected area
  • signs of superficial infection, such as weeping or crusty deposits.  
Tracy Wood - mother of little Charlotte, decided to take matters into her own hands. 

Following a series of unsuccessful conventional treatments for her eldest daughter’s relentless eczema, Newhaven based mother, Tracy Wood, decided to take matters into her own hands.

Having seen little Charlotte subjected to everything from steroid creams, special diets, acupuncture, homeopathy to holistic nutritional therapy, Tracy started to research herbal remedies.

She was drawn down this route after Charlotte had experienced a modicum of success with a flower essence, recommended by a local herbal shop.

Tracy’s many hours of research revealed that marigold and chickweed were the most effective plants for skin disorders – from then on it was a case of trial and error as Tracy worked to create the most effective combination of natural ingredients.

‘Luckily I had marigolds growing in my back garden and my mother had chickweed growing in a field near here holiday caravan,’ says Tracy. ‘I mixed them up with vegetable oils and one or two other ingredients and eventually after about two years of trying I found I had a cream I was happy with.’

It was then time to experiment with real live subjects. Her son, Robert – then two years old - was also showing signs of developing the condition so Tracy decided to try it out on him before raising Charlotte’s hopes again. After ten days, Robert’s eczema had completely gone. Within five months, so had Charlotte’s.

The cure changed the family’s life, as Tracy explains, ‘Charlotte was a normal child at last. She didn’t have to cover her arms and legs. All the stress we’d suffered disappeared.’

Other eczema sufferers have since benfitted from Tracy’s home made cure. She has now sold over a thousand jars of her cream and has customers all over the world. In recognition of her breakthrough, Tracy reached the finals of the female Inventor of the Year Award and has received many glowing accolades.

Not least from the National Institute of Medical Herbalists who reinforce Tracy’s choice of flowers, confirming, ‘Marigold has an anti inflammatory action and generally helps to heal various skin conditions. Chickweed is excellent for soothing itchy skin’.

At the same time the Institute also cautions, ‘Parents mustn’t think Tracy’s cream is some kind of miracle cure. What works for one child may not work for another.’




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