Parents’ ignorance of first aid is endangering children’s lives

Mother and baby magazine have just published some frightening statistics.

According to a recent readers’ survey which canvassed 2,000 parents, 90% of respondents admit to being ignorant of the most basic first aid guidelines. This is extremely alarming when you look at the numbers of accidents that take place at home – in excess of half a million toddlers are rushed to accident and emergency each year following accidents in the house - with an average of 76 under 4s dying as a result. Furthermore, a further quarter of a million toddlers are injured or killed in garden-related incidents.

These figures are reinforced by the Child Accident Prevention Trust who confirm, ‘Most accidents to toddlers happen in the home. The main causes are falls and bumping into things, burns, scalds, choking and poisonings.’

Mother and Baby’s editor, Dani Zur, sees a crying need for parents to educate themselves on all aspects of the safety and welfare of their children, exhorting, ‘Young children have an incredible number of accidents and although thankfully most are relatively minor, it is every parents duty to know what to do in an emergency. It should be top of every parent’s list to learn basic life-saving first aid.’

She also feels parents would feel worry less about their children if they stay as informed as possible, saying, ‘Mums worry constantly yet they would be able to alleviate some of their worries if they felt confident that they would know what to do in an emergency.’



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