The device which turns your mobile phone into a baby monitor

The Bébétel listening device

The Bébétel listening device is a unique child monitoring system because it works over a telephone line and not radio airwaves as with standard monitors. This means zero interference and totally unrestricted range.

It’s perfect for family holidays when you want to have a relaxing evening with your partner, knowing that your sleeping child is being safely monitored.

You do not need a permanently open phone line. Simply plug the device into a telephone socket, programme in the number of the phone you would like to ring if your child cries (this can be a mobile or land-line number) and it’s as simple as that.

When your phone rings you can answer it and actually hear your child and assess the nature of the call as you return to the room. You can even talk to them via the built-in loud speaker to reassure them.

Using your own exclusive PIN number, a ‘check call’ can be made into your child’s room at any time without waking them. Even when you have a babysitter in the room, you can use it to be a ‘fly on the wall’. Older children can contact you in an ‘emergency’ by pressing any one button on the unit’s keypad.

Made in Switzerland, you can rest assured that Bébétel has been thoroughly tested and meets rigid standards.

This really is the device which mobile phone-users with young families have been crying out for.

Further information at or call 0870 4443794 

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