Chidlalert is an integral part of DFES's Parentsonline website

Parenting is not just about parents.

It is a responsibility shared by grandparents, other relatives, older siblings, professionals, educators – it affects all of us. Childalert provides a support for parenting with information and advice to anyone with the responsibility of looking after children. Childalert’s focus is on children’s safety and wellbeing and the precautions parents need to take as children grow and develop. Childalert has created a professional network of those working in and concerned with parenting, education and support in order to share information and expertise.

Our aim is to offer parents enough information to give them confidence with any parenting concern they may have. Childalert can then take them to and introduce them to authorities on particular issues. Working together with parentsonline will enhance that support for parents.

Childalert was created by Clare Scott Dryden in early 2000. The catalyst for Clare was the arrival of her daughter Isabella who is now two and a half. 'It all started when Isabella was just starting to crawl.

I had not realised she could move around so quickly and, before I knew it, she had moved from the bedroom to the top of stairs and I could not prevent the inevitable - she tumbled down the full fifteen steps landing on the hard tiled hall floor. After a lot of tears and a long visit to Charing Cross Hospital, we realised the damage was restricted to bruising and a bump on the head. She was absolutely fine, thank goodness but I was in a terrible state. I realised immediately - despite the many books and magazines I had read - I was not necessarily equipped to think on the spot in times of crisis’, Clare recalls.

So out of that was born a service that is designed to be easy to use offering practical advice and links to a wealth of expertise. In addition to providing the latest information on a vast range of issues - including medical, legal, safety, nutrition, social, psychological and educational - Childalert provides a look-up facility for safety-related goods and services and also acts as a channel, directing people to the essential retail outlets, charities, institutions and companies to fulfil their needs. It is a respected mouthpiece for people and bodies without a voice or presence in the media, such as small charities and individuals striving to champion critical messages about children and their wellbeing. 

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