BT Openworld joins with Surfmonkey to offer leading internet safety service for children

BTopenworld had announced it will work with SurfMonkey Inc.

BTopenworld, BT's mass marketing Internet division, has announced it will work with SurfMonkey Inc., the family Internet technology company,* making BTopenworld the first ISP in Europe to offer this leading Internet browser and safety service for children.

Free for one month, the SurfMonkey kids browser and safety service elevates the whole Internet experience for children, helping them explore the very best web content and connect with parent-approved friends through email, chat, bulletin boards, instant messaging and their own personalized videophone.

SurfMonkey's advanced safety controls allow parents to manage what their children see, who they talk to and which Internet applications they use. SurfMonkey gives parents of younger children the option to restrict access to a directory of more than 15,000 pre-approved sites. Parents of older children or more experienced surfers may allow them to explore the whole worldwide web. Each web page goes through several automated checks before it reaches the child so that pornography, violence, racial hatred and other inappropriate content is filtered out.**

The safety controls are not restricted to the SurfMonkey browser -- Internet Explorer, Netscape and other browsers are filtered in the same way. Although the child may contact a parent-approved list of CyberFriends, communication with strangers is blocked.

Available to BTopenworld members at from November 19, 2001, parents can download the SurfMonkey browser for only £2.50*** per month (including VAT). A browser is then installed that is password protected. The browser itself is a fun tool for kids, with special effects that allow them to splash, slime and explode web pages.

"The Internet is a global library, rich of information readily available for the probing and inquisitive minds of children. SurfMonkey provides an introduction and stepping stone to the Internet, essentially opening thedoor to this library for children to surf, read and learn in a safer environment," said Duncan Ingram, senior vice president of BTopenworld.

"We're delighted to be working with a respected company such as BT to open up the very best of the Internet to kids in the U.K. This association is an important step in our overall goal of making the Internet more accessible to children worldwide. We've made our safety service available in eight different languages in order to reach kids around the globe," adds Charles Hart, chairman and CEO of SurfMonkey.

*Terms and conditions apply.

**Whilst SurfMonkey offers leading security filtering, we cannot guarantee

children will be insulated from all inappropriate content.

***Payment only by credit card.

About SurfMonkey

SurfMonkey Inc., the leading family Internet technology company, provides the first comprehensive Internet platform designed to more safely open up the Internet as an educational, entertainment and communications resource for kids and families worldwide. SurfMonkey's patent-pending technology package is uniquely designed to screen out unwanted sites and explicit language in a context sensitive manner. The SurfMonkey browser is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Founded in 1996, SurfMonkey Inc. is a privately held company located in Campbell, California. The company creates and integrates leading-edge technologies to provide a safer, easier environment for kids to learn, communicate and have fun on the Internet.

Over the past five years, SurfMonkey Inc. has deployed a world-class team of computer scientists and engineers to develop a unique and comprehensive platform that elevates the Internet experience for children and families worldwide. 

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