1 in 5 parents want corporal punishment back in schools

21% believe it ‘strengthens the child’s character’

A study has revealed that 19% of parents would welcome the return of corporal punishment in schools, 21% of which agree that it ‘strengthens character’ while 68% find the idea ‘totally disgusting’

1,198 parents across the UK if they are happy with discipline in schools and if they would like to see the return of corporal punishment.


The results of the study revealedthat 19% of the parents would welcome corporal punishment back to schools, with 6% agreeing that the cane is the most affective form of punishment.  In contrast, 68% find the idea ‘totally disgusting’.


Of the 19% that agree with corporal punishment, 21% believe it ‘strengthens the child’s character’ while 43% said it ‘teaches children right from wrong’.


Of those asked, almost a third, 31%, have experienced corporal punishment themselves whilst at school and a further 83% witnessed a friend being ‘hit’ in school.  Only 3% of parents that were subjected to corporal punishment think it should be reinstalled in schools. 


When asked ‘would you be happy for your child to be struck by their teacher?’ 2% admitted that they wouldn’t mind while 16% said they are ‘open minded’.  39% of the parents asked agree that corporal punishment ‘encourages violence’.


The study found that 39% of the respondents believe corporal punishment would ‘demoralise their child’ and 46% agree that bringing back physical discipline to schools would ‘create emotional issues’ in later life.


Due to the law passed in 2005 that states it is illegal to strike your children and leave a mark. Parents asked if they ever strike their child as a form of discipline; 9% admitted they do. According to the study, the most popular form of discipline is ‘the naughty chair’ with 54% claiming to use this technique.


41% of the parents polled plan to ‘ground’ their children when they are older, however 22% think they will ‘confiscate a belonging’ as a form of punishment.  


Matthew Clifton, parenting expert commented on the findings;


“Corporal punishment is a tricky subject; I feel confident that it will never return to schools as it was banned for a reason.  I am surprised at the amount of people that would welcome the return of it, simply because there are so many other techniques to use that are proven to work.”


He continues,


“Rewarding good behaviour is just as important as punishing the bad. This research has only focused on how to discipline our children, but giving treats as a reward is just as important to help youngsters differentiate between good and bad behaviour.”

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