First Aid Courses

Child First Aid Courses for Parents & Carers - ACCIDENTS AND INJURY

All courses are led by qualified paediatric nurses at your home, workplace or venue of choice.

Childalert would like to introduce you to theparentcompany who offer First Aid courses in your home or work place. They are run by professional Paediatric Nurses with specialist knowledge of CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation). The training courses are for parents and carers and will cover basic first aid for babies, infants and children .

At Home with Accidents and Injury

A class designed to teach parents and carers how to treat the most common injuries and illnesses for babies and children.

Part one
What you can do as a first responder when a baby or child is injured. It covers the most common accidents or injuries:
• Electric shock
• Major trauma
• Drowning
• Head Injury
• Limb Injury
• Wounds/Cuts
• Eye Injury
• Lost parts
• Nose bleeds
• Overdose/Poisoning
• Burns/scalds
• Allergic reaction

We teach you what your objective should be as the first responder in each of these scenarios, how to assess the severity and how to respond.

Part two
Fever management and medical emergencies, including convulsions, meningitis and abdominal pain.

Class size             Duration           Cost
Up to 6 people      2 hours            £300 (£50 pp if 6 people)
For 7 people         2 ½ hours        £350 (£50 pp if 7 people)
For 8 people         3 hours            £400 (£50 pp if 8 people)

Weekend and evening rates are at no extra charge (Price includes VAT and is subject to change).


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