Keeping kids hydrated in the summer months.

Children should drink the recommended daily intake of between 6-8 glasses of liquid each day.

With summer around the corner, families need to be extra vigilant in ensuring their kids stay adequately hydrated throughout the day. Drinking the recommended daily intake of between 6-8 glasses of liquid each day* isn’t always easy and many mums find it a challenge to get their children to drink enough. New research** from Fruit Shoot H2O reveals that morethan half of mums (53%) find it difficult persuading their kids to drink the recommended amount. In fact, 20% admit to resorting to trickery or incentives!

But help is at hand. Newly improved Fruit Shoot H2O Spring Water Drink is ideal for helping to keep active kids hydrated, and the easy-squeezy sports bottle with handy re-sealable cap offers convenient access and fewer spills. Free from artificial colours and flavours, the sugar-free spring water comes with a delicious splash of natural blackcurrant, orange, or apple flavour, making drinking water a tastier option for kids.

Mums are on board too, wih 71% saying they would be happy to give their children flavoured water over plain water to ensure they stay hydrated.

Mums don’t just face difficulty getting their children to drink enough water, understanding the guidelines on how many drinks a child should consume in a day can also be tricky. Nearly three quarters of mums said that they find it confusing, especially when some of the recommended daily liquid intake can come from foods. With 46% believing that their child should drink less than six glasses of liquid every day, this translates into a worrying 43% of mums who admit to giving their kids under the recommended daily amount.

Children can be especially prone to dehydration since they are often active, easily distracted and forget to drink. By the time they say they are thirsty, dehydration has already begun. Irritability and poor concentration are two common indicators.

Fruit Shoot’s nutritionist Julie Dean says: “Children have a higher proportion of body water than adults, so proportionally they have greater fluid requirements. They are also less heat tolerant and can become dehydrated more easily, especially after exercise and in hot weather.  Fruit Shoot H20 Spring Water Drink offers the perfect solution as kids love the taste and it’s ideal for helping to keep them hydrated after sport, play and when they’re on the go.”

Kids Hydration – Top 10 Facts & Tips

  1. Children need proportionally more water than an adult
  2. Children tend to be more active than adults
  3. Children grow at a faster pace in the summer versus the winter adding to their hydration needs which will be greater any way in hotter temperatures
  4. Children do not always recognise when they are thirsty, may not be bothered, may not have access to fluids or simply don’t like what is on offer!
  5. Always have drinks available for kids – on journeys, at sports activities, at the playground etc
  6. The average child but needs about 6-8 glasses of fluid a day  but more in hot weather and when active
  7. Mild dehydration – about 2% loss in bodyweight, can in the short term cause a lack of concentration, headaches and reduced medial and physical performance. Physical symptoms of this would be less urination and a dark coloured urine. In the longer term mild dehydration can lead to dry skin; irritability; and constipation
  8. All soft drinks can contribute to daily fluid needs including fruit juices, squashes, water and fizzy drinks.  Robinsons Fruit Shoot and Fruit Shoot H2O are very convenient, ideal for lunch boxes and taking to after school activities. When there is a birthday party or play dates in the home, jugs of Robinsons squash are great to have at hand and the kids can help themselves

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