Study reveals a third of parents bribe their children

11%, think bribing their children is the ‘only way’

A study has shown that 32% of parents bribe their children to make them behave and 29% use bribery to ensure their kids carry out their

New research has revealed that 1 in 3 parents, 32%, bribe their children in order to make them behave and a further 29% use bribery if their children are not carrying out their chores. 

 The study of 1,471 parents was commissioned to discover how parents succeed in getting their children to behave and carry out the tasks they have asked them to do.

According to the results, more than 1 in 10 parents, 11%, think bribing their children is the ‘only way’ to get them to do what they have asked. A further 18% admitted to ‘occasionally’ using ‘sweets and chocolates’ as a form of bribery.

When asked ‘what do you use to bribe your children?’ sweets and chocolates topped the poll with 48% admitting this is what they use when trying to persuade their child to behave or complete a chore. Below is a breakdown of the top 5 things parents admitted to using as a form of bribery:

  1. Sweets and Chocolate – 48%
  2. Money – 44%
  3. Video games – 37%
  4. Stay up later – 31%
  5. TV show – 26%

Finding unique and interesting ways to reward your children for their good behaviour should encourage them to behave in the future, therefore reducing the need to use bribery.

19% of the respondents admitted that they ‘struggle’ to discipline their children without using a form of bribery. In contrast, 8% would ‘never’ consider using bribery with their children, 42% of which claim to find the thought of bribery ‘bad parenting’.

Andy Cole, parenting expert said the following:

“All parents experience times when their children just won’t behave, or do what they have been asked to. However, I don’t fully agree with bribery; perhaps it would be more effective if the things that feature in the top 5 were used as rewards when the child behaves, rather than as a form of bribery when they do not.”

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