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Today’s kids are facing an ever more expensive future yet family finances are getting ever more squeezed. Parents know that they will need to take more responsibility for helping their kids financially; they want to but it is not easy. It is against this backdrop that KidStart has announced its “Save a Million for UK Kids” campaign. The ambition is to use the campaign to help create a community of individuals, parents and companies all committed to helping families help themselves by discovering, and sharing innovative ways in which they can save money for their kid’s future.

KidStart, the free parents shopping club has launched its ‘Save a Million for UK Kids’ campaign. The aim is to build a community of like-minded parents and companies, all committed to saving for the future of their children.

The campaign asks parents to share ways to save money for kids in an online community whose focus is to create a brighter future for kids across the UK. Ideas are shared via the The campaign is being championed by a panel of leading experts from parenting groups, financial industries, retailers and the children’s charity Barnardo’s.  There will also be a prize draw, which will award £1000 for the most innovative and practical idea that saves money for UK children, so join in and start suggesting those ideas.

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The KidStart ‘Save a Million for UK Kids’ campaign is also building an ever growing community of partners who are helping to encourage families to help themselves to save. Barnardo’s have jumped on board to lend their support along with panel member, Mum and BBC presenter Sophie Raworth.

The asks individuals and organisations alike to register their support, ideas and a ‘Blue Peter –style’ money thermometer gauge will grow as the value of ideas is ‘saved’ and ideas are donated by the public for UK kids.

We are very pleased to be supporting KidStart’s ‘Save a Million for UK Kids’ campaign as it provides parents with a choice, allowing them to donate savings directly to charity, as well as saving for their own kids.Barnardos

Campaign spokesperson Eileen Hayes, MBE, child behavior expert, says: “We hear so much about 'Broken Britain' and the mess our society is in, but parents will prove that they care deeply about the future of their kids, and we will see just how the community of parents can come together with organisations to work for the common goal of saving for the future of our children.”

Allan McLaren, Assistant Director of Fundraising at Barnardo’s, says:  ‘All children deserve the best start in life, and if parents shop with Kidstart they will not only have the chance to save for their children’s future, they can also help save for the most vulnerable children that Barnardo’s are working with across the UK. We are very pleased to be supporting KidStart’s ‘Save a Million for UK Kids’ campaign as it provides parents  with a choice, allowing them to donate savings directly to charity, as well as saving for their own kids. So join in and send ideas to ‘Save a Million for UK Kids’– and make a difference to the lives of all children.’

Clare Scott Dryden, Marketing Director at KidStart says: “We realise many parents are aware of the growing responsibility to save wisely for their children’s future. The KidStart ‘Save a Million for UK Kids’ campaign aims to get parents to think about whether there is more they can do. Through the campaign we want to give families the tools to suggest ideas and to share them, and offer encouragement and support through a like-minded forum. Even doing something small can, over time, make a difference and it is in this spirit that KidStart has set the £1million target. We hope we may double or triple that amount.”

Clare continues: “In the same light we want organisations to feel the social responsibility of the future of our kids so we hope the ‘Save a Million for UK Kids’ campaign will gain support from many companies who may want to give to UK kids through the campaign charity Barnardo’s.”

KidStart, the shopping club for parents’ is one simple way to help save for the future of children. Every time a parent shops through will receive up to 20% back in savings for their children. It is money given back as savings for a child whenever a purchase is made, at no extra cost to the parent. KidStart collects the money from the retailer and places it into any existing Child Trust Fund, or UK bank or building society as directed by the parent.

Help KidStart build a community to help Save a Million for UK Kids by Christmas to help families save for their kid’s future.  For more information, contact

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