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Here is a recent post:

My daughter is nearly 2 1/2 years old. She’s become so independent lately! To the point that she’s not particularly keen to spend time in the pushchair. This adds a new dimension to our daily outings. I have to walk a LOT slower and end up being extra vigilant! I have to make sure she’s not careening into other pedestrians, prevent her from falling into holes, remind her not to pick up rubbish…you know how it goes!

It’s a challenging situation isn’t it? Our babies aren’t babies any longer. They need to grow and explore but it’s our nature to protect. When they’re snuggled up in the pushchair we can dictate what happens and when. When they’re on the loose, a shopping trip in town is an entirely different beast!

Yesterday, whilst riding the escalator from the depths of the Piccadilly Line at Kings Cross in London, I watched two children under the age of six, charge past me. They were running up the escalator, ahead of their mum. Mum didn’t seem bothered and didn’t even shout after them. I watched them disappear at the top of the escalator and wondered a) would they be at the top or would they have gone even further to hide from their mum and b) would I ever let my daughter run, unattended, ahead of me in such a public and potentially dangerous place? I was a bit horrified, to tell you the truth. But I don’t live in London. I don’t deal with the Tube on a daily basis.

How do you foster independence in your child yet keep them safe and sound? Would you let your child out of your sight in a public place like Kings Cross in London? Is it ever appropriate to do so? I’d love to know your thoughts!

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