News Round / October 2010

The Guardian: 28/10/10 Michael Goves 25-year-old ex-adviser given £500,000 free schools contract.

BBC News: 28/10/10 What happened when teacher moved in? A wayward schoolgirl gets the shock of her life when her mum hands over control of the family home to her teacher for a week to improve her behaviour.

The Daily Mail: 25/10/10 Youngsters warned sport may cause painful osteoarthritis later in life due to wear on joints.

Independent: 28/10/10 My year as a teacher in Paris Thousands of British students travel abroad each year to teach. But now the scheme is under threat from cuts.

The Telegraph: 27/10/10 Teacher suspended for showing Sin City film to pupils.

The Guardian: 27/10/10 Butlins awards first toddler art prize. Four-year-old winner William Greens collage reminds judges of Goya.

BBC News: 27/10/10 A legal limit of 25 pupils for primary one classes has been approved by the Scottish Parliament.

The Guardian: 28/10/10 How to make Indian sweets.

 The Telegraph: 27/10/10 Monopoly and Lego tipped as top Christmas 2010 toys.

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