News Round

A summary of the latest parenting news

BBC News: Chip shop near two Northamptonshire schools rejected

Telegraph: Grammar schools are the only hope for our failing education system

BBC News: San Francisco to ban toys in unhealthy fast-food meals

The Telegraph: Is hyper-texting a sign of wayward youth? Feverish texting by your teenager may be a dangerous sign

The Guardian: Plan to tag new babies causes outcry: French company's scheme to identify all young children electronically is opposed as an invasion of privacy.

The Independent: Microwave popcorn, tasty yet toxic. Movie night? Nix the microwave popcorn, scientists say.

BBC News: Do parents pass prejudice to kids? Is it wrong to allow your son to dress up as a girl - even if it's for a fancy dress party?

Daily Mail: Children with high blood pressure more likely to have learning disabilities

Independent: Muslim school helps out secular neighbour. On the face of it the two schools have nothing in common apart from the city they share.

The Guardian: Isn't Channel 4 Education worth more than £5m?

Telegraph: 1,000 new Chinese teachers. A thousand new Chinese language teachers are to be trained for English schools, ministers announced...

The Guardian: Teacher who lost voice trying to make herself heard awarded £150,000

Daily Mail: Why northerners believe in family values: They argue less and respect parents 



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