Latest News 9th dec 2010

At my local village hall the other day, a little girl won a box of chocolates in a raffle. Courteously, she passed them round, but I declined, telling her in a jokey tone: ‘I won’t thanks — I don’t want to get fat!’ Although my response was light-hearted, from the reaction of the child’s mother you’d have thought I’d been at best impolite and at worst indecent. ‘How dare you put pressure on my daughter by suggesting she’ll get fat if she eats chocolate!’ the woman raged.….


Daily Mail:   Want to do your chubby daughter a favour? Tell her shes Fat

The Guardian:  World education rankings: which country does best at reading, maths and science?

Newscientist: Altered gene can make boys develop as girls

The Telegraph: The entire DNA profile of an unborn child has been mapped from the blood of its mother for the first time in a breakthrough that could allow parents to safely check for a host of genetic and inherited disorders.

The Independent: Video games get kids to eat more veg, fruit: study

BBC News:
The teenager who sleeps for 10 days

Independent: Some 20,000 GCSE grades were changed this year as the number of queries from schools rose

Nativity photos not against the law. Parents can take photos of school nativity plays, says information watchdog

The Guardian: Websites add sparkle to Christmas in the classroom

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