Eight year old Romeo is hailed as fashion icon ..

It has been reported that Romeo plans to launch his own range of sunglasses, to be called RB, as part of his mother's increasingly successful fashion label, VB.

The latest round up of news - some great stories about Romeo Beckham wanting to launch his own range of sunglasses ! ; the boy who survived the Canadian Snowy Mountains because he recalled the TV show Bear Grylls ; plus you make the decision - are you a glam or glum mum ? Read on ...

 The Independent: Trend it like Beckham: eight-year-old Romeo is hailed as a fashion icon

The GuardianHow to bring up daughters by the Girls School Association

TelegraphThe pressure is on. Is modern life much harder for parents or children, asks Rosie Millard.

Early puberty leads to depression in girls: research

Daily Mail: School gate rivalry of the Unfeasibly Glamorous Mums

Independent: Children have the "Right to Play", according to a currently prominent charity campaign... also, in my view, have the right to act in a play

Parents who want to have their children vaccinated against swine flu are being turned away from High Street pharmacies amid confusion over rules, it has emerged.

The Guardian: Michael Gove is holding up Alberta in Canada as a role-model for UK education. But is the schools secretary being a little too selective?

Daily Mail: To decide your future, click A, B or C. Private schools planning to put entrance examination online.

Daily Mail: Teenager lost on snowy mountain survives thanks to skills learned from Bear Grylls Man vs Wild



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