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Our kids want us around a bit more ..

The hidden secrets of British children are: good behaviour, good grades and a family focus. The research, which asked children for their 2011 New Year’s resolutions and predictions, also revealed the entrepreneurial spirit of British children, with 38% of kids resolving to start making their own money in 2011, and one in ten planning to actually start their own business.

 Disputing the modern myth that British children only want to become celebrities, 45% of children stated that they were making a New Year’s resolution to get good marks at school. This contrasts with the 19% of children who want to become famous, the 7% who intend to start a band and the 15% who have made their resolution to be picked for the sports team. 

Top Ten British Children’s New Year’s Resolutions:


I want to get good marks at school (45%)


I want to start making my own money (i.e. paper round/washing cars/chores/dog walking etc) (37%)


I want to help my parents/ guardian out more around the house (33%)


I want to be nicer to my parents / guardians (27%)


I want to be better behaved (25%)


I want to become famous (19%)


I don't believe in making new year's resolution (16%)


I want to be picked for the sports team (15%)


I want to start a band (7%)


Other (14%)



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