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Being a stay-at home dad 'tiring but very rewarding'

"At first, my dad kept sending me the jobs pages from the Telegraph"

I am the 'other half' - the Mum who is happier working. I was lucky to be working from home when my daughter arrived, but took a fulltime job when she was two and thereafter my husband took on the major part of childcare.

From April, fathers will be able to share maternity leave with their wives. Currently they get just two weeks off after a child is born, while women can take up to a year. So what is it like being a stay-at home dad?

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"It would be lovely if more men got the chance to spend more time with their children. Fathers tend to take longer to bond with babies, so it can only be a positive. It's tiring, but very rewarding thing. And even where dads do go to work, if they didn't have to work such long hours it would make a big difference."

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