Up Close and Personal

Daddy's watching you !


Watch this :  It’s your Daddy behind the camera!

People become very heated when asked if Dads ought to be in the delivery room while their partner gives birth; some mums to be need and want their partners to be there, some mums hate it, some Dads think it is their right, some are squeamish , some not ... however on the subject of whether a father should make a video of the birth ..well !



Who are they to deny the very first moment of a persons child’s life? It is our right as parents to be able to share every second of the magical awesomeness of childbirth.

In view of patient safety I'm not even sure the dad should be in the room. Especially with a camera! Most people don't film and display the conception!

Trust me, no one  wants to see your delivery pictures on Facebook (it happens ALL the time)...but this really is ludicrous. It's your child and your birth! ?





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