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Should pre-teens have access to Facebook; Michelle Obama's message to the young women; How a spaniel is helping with autism; Father builds theme park for special needs children

BBC News: Mark Zuckerberg wants pre-teens to have access to Facebook

Daily Mail:
Are these the most PC parents in the world? The couple raising a 'genderless baby'... to protect his (or her) right to choice

BBC News:
Open University (OU) researchers say they have created an app which can help parents teach their children to read.

BBC News:
A Devon girl is celebrating after her campaign to raise the age limit for mixed-sex teams from 11 to 13 was accepted by the Football Association (FA).

The Guardian: Michelle Obama: My message to the young women of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School. With hard work and self-belief, you can realise your aspirations. But then, don't forget to reach back and help others

BBC News:
How a spaniel is helping with autism. Dogs can help reduce stress in parents of children with lifelong developmental disability autism, a study suggests.

We need to fight the myth of 'too posh to push'

BBC News: Oldham schools divided by race, study finds

Are Finnish schools the best in the world?

Daily Mail: Where EVERYONE can play. Father builds theme park for special needs children... and names it after his own precious daughter

Daily Mail: 'Every time I laugh I fall over' Mother has bizarre condition that sees her literally collapse in fits of giggles

Independent: The full extent of India's 'gendercide'. Its population is expanding at breakneck speed, yet its schools are empty of girls

Daily Mail: What would Tom and Jerry say? Children DONT enjoy violence in TV programmes

BBC News: Oranges and Sunshine. Of all the stories that I have covered in Australia, few have been as moving or enraging as the treatment of the British child migrants.

Are car seats toxic for your baby?

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