Breakfast Ideas for Kids

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Egg Recipes

Eggs are the richest source of proteins and other vital minerals and vitamins. You can serve your kids with hard boiled eggs with a dash of salt and paper along with whole grain bread toast or an omelet with whole grain bread. Apart from this, you can make scrambled eggs or French toast which your kids may find fascinating.

Dairy Products

Some of the protein rich dairy products include, whole milk, yogurt, cheese, and cottage cheese, etc. You can try various recipes using these protein rich foods; you can make milk shakes or fruit smoothies using yogurt. A layer of cheese spread on whole grain bread, or cottage cheese sandwich can provide your kid with protein as well as dietary carbohydrates.

Kids who skip breakfast are fatter than average by the age of 10 years.


Peanuts are loaded with protein but along with that they also contain other nutrients such as fibers, carbohydrates, and essential fat. You can serve your kids with peanut brittle which is sweeter or simply spreading peanut butter on whole grain bread can serve as a high protein and high carbohydrate breakfast for kids.


Chicken, red meat, and sea food is the richest source of protein along with other essential nutrients. There are various recipes that you can try with meat but one of the easiest one, which children can consider for breakfast, is sandwich stuffed with mashed chicken or any other meat. You can garnish the sandwich with salads and different sauces to bring about different taste each time.

Vegetables and Fruits

     If your kids are vegans then there are lot of protein rich vegetables and fruits that you can provide them for breakfast. You can make veg grilled sandwiches and couple them with peanut butter or cheese for better taste. With fruits, you can either go for smoothies or can add them to a bowl of oats or cereals to increase the nutritional quotient of the breakfast. If, not a fruit dish including variety of freshly cut fruits tossed with fresh cream will also serve the purpose.

 Apart from this, variety of legumes, lentils, and edible seeds cooked with whole grain noodles or pasta can make a great high protein breakfast ideas for kids as legumes, lentils, and seeds are full of proteins. You can also add the topping of these on pizza, sandwich, or a burger. Soybean is also high on protein so a cup of soy milk everyday can satisfy the daily requirement for protein. You can also use soy beans, lentils in different forms to prepare various delicacies.

 These were some of the high protein breakfast ideas for kids that you can use to make the breakfast palatable as well nutritious for your kids. So go ahead and make breakfast time enjoyable for your kids and you too!

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