How To Keep The Magic Of Christmas Alive

Happy Christmas - make it special this Christmas.

Christmas is a special time of the year when children can literally roll their sleeves up and have practical involvement – the more hands-on engagement children have, the more they feel emotionally connected to the magic of Christmas.

Although the temptations of online gifts, electronic greetings cards and emails to Santa are strong, they diminish the excitement for young children. That’s why parents should consider returning to the practical traditions of the festive season that they themselves experienced when they were young.






Child Psychologist Dr Richard Woolfson  gives his top tips to a happy and involving Christmas


                Listen to their ideas. You don’t have to do what they say but let them express any suggestions they might have for   making the day itself more interesting.

                Go shopping together. Of course, you don’t want them with you when you choose their presents, yet they will enjoy a shopping outing to get presents for others.

                Ask them to issue invitations. Let your children make phone calls to invite your friends and relatives to your house during the festive season.

                Involve them in cooking. Even a young child can help stir a spoon in a bowl, or shake the salt cellar over the       uncooked turkey. That helps them feel connected.

                Let them help with decorations.They’ll have great fun hanging decorations on the tree, and advising you on where  he baubles should hang exactly.

                Stay positive. True, Christmas preparations can be stressful – there’s so much to do. Yet aim to be positive, as that keeps the magic strong for your children.






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