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Sure Start

Sure Start Children’s Centres are at the heart of communities

... providing access to services for over 2.4 million children and their families across England, from help and guidance during pregnancy, to support through the important early years of your child’s development. At Sure Start Children’s Centres you will discover more than you might expect and many services on offer are free – helping you achieve more for yourself and your children. The majority of children’s centres provide access to the following services: • child and family health services, from health visitors to breastfeeding support • high quality childcare and early learning • advice on parenting and local childcare options • access to specialist services for families like speech therapy, healthy eating advice or help with managing money • help to find work or training opportunities, using links to local Jobcentre



Sure Start Children’s Centres are ‘one stop shops’ for parents with children under five – providing services including childcare, healthcare, parenting advice, family support and opportunities to get back into work or training

2.     Most services, except childcare, are free and even then, families on a low income can often claim tax credits that help them meet this cost

3.     Most Sure Start Children’s Centres are open from 8am until 6pm, all year round, and some offer services in the evenings or at weekends

4.     There are over 3,100 Sure Start Children’s Centres across England which provide support to over 2.4 million children under five and their families

5.     Sure Start Children’s Centres offer high quality services that are open to everyone in the community whatever their background or circumstances

6.     The Government’s vision is that every child or young person should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential, and the Sure Start Children’s Centres programme is at the forefront of this vision

7.     By March 2010 there will be at least 3,500 Sure Start Children’s Centres – one for every community in England

8.     Research shows that 92% of parents are satisfied with the services on offer at Sure Start Children’s Centres

9.     Independent research by Birkbeck College, University of London, found that parents of three-year-olds who live in Sure Start Local Programme areas have more positive parenting skills, while their young children showed better social development, behaviour and independence

          10.  The Government has committed over £7 billion to the Sure Start Children’s Centres programme since 1999. Current               funding tops £1 billion a year 

“Ten years ago there were no children's centres, but today there are over 3,100 providing universal services to millions of families across the country. From invaluable childcare and parenting support to health and employment advice, the range Children’s Minister Dawn Primarolo says

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