This is Childalert's Community Page.

Community is about people, about you and me and our kids and families. It’s about belonging and linking to like minded people

You can to talk to the experts about your concerns and joys; you can learn ways to listen and interact, you can read news stories and attend courses and you’ll find resources.

There are people to call, people to see and places to go. 

Speak now to the Childalert experts on topics like: how will I know when the baby is due, to your child’s first day at school. Or discussions may include more painful topics such as my son is being bullied or we are going through a divorce.

Visit the Family Information Directory where you can find your local cinema or your nearest NHS Direct to Nurseries placements or Children’s savings accounts.

Childalert's community is all you need in one place.

Soon we will have our own forum where you can chat to each other.

And a lot more to follow.

Tell us how we can improve this site by contacting us.



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