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How to choose the right pushchair - our no nonsense guide to choosing the right pushchair

While you can probably live without that organic hemp feeding shawl or electric wet wipe warmer, a pushchair is one piece of kit that is absolutely vital – and costly enough to make it quite important that you get the right one. Read our no-nonsense guide to choosing the right pushchair and pretty soon you’ll know your Bugaboos from your Britax.

First things first

The first thing to do is to make a list of your requirements to take with you while you shop (or have next to you while you go online). That way you’ll be far less likely to buy that completely inappropriate sporty number just because you liked its built-in cappuccino holder.

Consider what would make it the perfect pushchair for you: Will you be pounding the pavements with your buggy, or do you want something that fits easily in the car? Do you want your baby or toddler to face you or would you like them to see the world around them? Perhaps you’re planning on having two children close together in age and need something that can convert into a double buggy? All these things will have a bearing on the pram you end up with, so think carefully.

The right pushchair for the right stage

The age of your child will obviously affect your choice of pram. Some people go for a travel system that grows with their little ones – this may work out cheaper in the long run as you won’t need to buy another model. Others are happy to ditch the bulky pram for an ultra lightweight buggy that can just be thrown in the car for when the children get older.

If you’re buying a pram with a newborn in mind, remember that they must have a padded seat that reclines fully, which rules out many of the ultra-lightweight stroller-type pushchairs. Many people prefer to use a travel system that has a clip on carry cot or baby car seat so you can carry your baby into the house without waking them.

Choosing the right pushchair for a toddler is different. You may want something incredibly lightweight and easy to fold, it might be important to you that your child feels comfortable enough to fall asleep while you’re out and about. Or you may prefer something with an extra-large shopping basket.

The right pushchair for your lifestyle

Firstly, think about how often you will be walking, taking public transport or travelling by car. If you normally walk, whether that’s in town or over uneven terrain in the countryside, consider a three-wheeler as it’s the comfiest stroller to push.

If you’re a bus-user, consider your fellow passengers and choose something you can fold up. Make sure you can do it one-handed in case you need to wrangle a reluctant toddler at the same time.

Car owners will need to check the pram they choose actually fits into their boot. And can you fit shopping in there too? All these things need to be considered before you buy.

New features

Manufacturers are always trying to outdo each other with their clever design features and this year’s must-haves include prams with a storage basket that lifts out and can be carried around as a baby bag and a seat unit that unzips to unveil a hidden carrycot – perfect if you have a toddler and a newborn.

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