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Disneyworld Florida – Still Bigger and Better?

All Inclusive Family Holidays to a Disney resort are guaranteed to create magical memories for anyone young at heart. But choosing between the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and the Disneyland Resort in Paris can be difficult. With Euro Disney celebrating its 20th birthday earlier this year, we’ve decided to pit the two resorts against each other to decide whether Disneyland Florida really remains to be bigger and better.


For families based in the UK, Disneyland Paris is under an hour away by plane. Driving is also a good option if you live near the Eurotunnel in Folkestone or the ferry port in Dover. There is now even a high-speed rail connection from London directly to Paris, which is a great alternative to flying. Florida Holidays require a much longer traveling time of around 9 hours by direct flight. Many Disney World holiday deals do include a fly and drive option however, which allows you to get around Orlando easily when you arrive.


The prices for theme park tickets, food and resort hotel stays are around the same price at all the European and US resorts. Disney World does offer a greater choice of hotels and off-site self-catering options, so it can be easier to find a cheap deal in Florida. With the dollar and euro both currently weak against the pound however, 2012 is a great year to make your money stretch further whichever resort you choose.


Disneyland is about a tenth of the size of Disney World, which sprawls over 20,000 acres and only has two theme parks compared to the four theme parks found in Orlando. Yet size isn’t always everything. Families with young children may find Disney World overwhelming, whereas Disneyland is perfect for first-time Disney visitors looking to experience all of the main attractions in a single trip.


Florida’s Disney World offers an almost inexhaustible number of rides across the four parks, but Disneyland Paris is home to most of Disney’s key attractions. The most popular rides across both the parks include Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Tours and Haunted Mansion, which is known as Phantom Manor in Paris.


Guaranteed sunny weather is one of the biggest benefits to a family holiday in Florida. Disney World’s two water parks offer a fantastic experience that unfortunately can simply not be found in Paris, which is often subject to the same unpredictable weather as the UK.


Disneyland Paris should be thought of as the little brother of Disney World and is the perfect choice for families with young children looking to experience the magic of Disney for the first time. If you have two weeks to spare and teenagers with itchy feet, then an all-inclusive trip to Florida is for you.

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