1. Children are increasingly being targeted by alcohol companies

    Young people are drinking at an earlier age and increasing the number of drinking occasions and the quantity they drink.

  2. The Electrical Safety Council

    A UK based Charity is warning parents of the dangers of regular domestic electrical sockets

  3. Children's Online Rules OK

    The good news is that kids are happy to obey family rules – they want parental involvement. Kids are even putting together their own set of guidelines – while parents focus is on limits, the kids rules, are about good online manners and behaviour

  4. Lindam to launch its first Safety Day

    Mums too busy with chores and juggling their day to look after kids.


    If every parent took one small step to ensure the additional safety of their child there would be far fewer accidents in the home and out and about

  6. New App from Calpol

    New unique app for the iPhone, provides mums with a helping hand

  7. The cost of loving

    ‘Of course parents want the best for their children, but before spending a fortune they should talk to other parents to find out exactly what they need.’

  8. Putting too high a price on talent

    Parents of boys with proven football ability as young as ten are being paid tens of thousands of pounds by big clubs looking to recruit potential soccer stars into their training academies.

  9. Give A Child A Home

    British Association of Adoption and Fostering and the Fostering network have developed a campaign to encourage more people to foster and adopt.

  10. Child's play can be dangerous

    You probably thought swinging children around by their arms can be fun – think again! This is the story of how an innocent game turned out to have disastrous results

  11. 1 in 5 parents want corporal punishment back in schools

    21% believe it ‘strengthens the child’s character’

  12. Latest News

    they did not want to place a child somewhere with "a gun at the gate"

  13. Horses for courses - why a child’s position in the family influences future career choices

  14. Are toys inhibiting children’s play skills?

    Only if they lack interaction …

  15. How To Keep The Magic Of Christmas Alive

    Happy Christmas - make it special this Christmas.

  16. The power of suggestion - TV ads are a major influence on children's 'wishlists'

    The conclusion is clear - more television makes children more materialistic.

  17. Public humiliation for boy aged 10

    An Australian woman has been accused of child cruelty after she forced her young son to sit in public wearing a sign that read: "Do not trust me. I will steal from you as I am a thief."

  18. Keeping kids hydrated in the summer months.

    Children should drink the recommended daily intake of between 6-8 glasses of liquid each day.

  19. Identifying child neglect

    Action for Children have put together six main issues looking and understanding the complexity of child neglect.

  20. Millions of parents ignore car seat safety rules

    One in five parents regularly break the law when it comes to car safety for children

  21. Young children put at risk near water

    National survey highlights parents’ lack of concern about water safety - drowning is the third biggest cause of accidental death among children in the UK.

  22. Today's Child Safety News review

    No one likes to have the sex talk with their kids, but it can be equally hard for kids to have The Cancer Talk

  23. Mummy’s little helpers feel the pocket money pinch

    Gender pay gap starts early with pocket money

  24. Latest News Round Up

    Should pre-teens have access to Facebook; Michelle Obama's message to the young women; How a spaniel is helping with autism; Father builds theme park for special needs children


    From teachers strike to shocking sex lessons to unborn babies can remember melodies played to them in the womb!

  26. Baby Girl

    Baby Joy for the Beckhams !

  27. Halve the stress, double your energy

    A growing number of parents are seeking professional help from parent coaches to help them solve family problems – citing guilt, self-doubt and stress as their major concerns

  28. Jim Sprott - Cot Deaths of Maori twins entirely preventable

    The twin baby girls died of cot death

  29. Up Close and Personal

    Daddy's watching you !

  30. Ladybird launches ebook app for babies

    Babies as young as just six months old can now be introduced to the world of ebook apps, with Ladybird's popular Baby Touch Peekaboo series going digital.

  31. Latest News round up January 20th 2011

    Two mothers and their toddler children banned from council-funded playgroup for being British .. and lots more

  32. The cause of Cot Death and how to prevent it

    100% successful cot death prevention.

  33. Too Much Too Young

    Children nowadays are surrounded by sexual images all the time. The lines between childhood and adulthood are increasingly blurred. Does that matter?

  34. Eight year old Romeo is hailed as fashion icon ..

    It has been reported that Romeo plans to launch his own range of sunglasses, to be called RB, as part of his mother's increasingly successful fashion label, VB.

  35. Streetsmartkids

    Visit the NEW Childalert Blog -

  36. 'We don't mind fewer presents this year'

    Poll of children unearths extraordinary Christmas claim. plus: How to make the prefect gingerbread Read childalert's latest news.

  37. Daily Tips for child safety

    While many parents are aware of common but serious risks, such as scalds from hot drinks and falls down the stairs, they are much less aware of the risk of injuries from detergent capsules, burns from hair straighteners, falls from windows and smoke from house fires.

  38. Latest News 9th dec 2010

    At my local village hall the other day, a little girl won a box of chocolates in a raffle. Courteously, she passed them round, but I declined, telling her in a jokey tone: ‘I won’t thanks — I don’t want to get fat!’ Although my response was light-hearted, from the reaction of the child’s mother you’d have thought I’d been at best impolite and at worst indecent. ‘How dare you put pressure on my daughter by suggesting she’ll get fat if she eats chocolate!’ the woman raged.….

  39. News Round

    A summary of the latest parenting news

  40. News Round Week Nov 25th

  41. If you are a nursery school DO NOT miss out on this scheme

    There is no voucher collection or purchase required just FREE sport equipment to help youngsters get fit. All you have to do is register at

  42. Fear over MMR vaccine could lead to measles resurgence

    Dr Mary Ramsay, consultant immunologist at the Public Health Laboratory Service, has gone on record as saying, ‘It’s a myth that measles is not serious. One in 5,000 can get a fatal complication.’

  43. News Round / October 2010

  44. Chatty children cause phone bill surprise

    A third of parents (31 per cent) suspect that their children are picking up the phone and running up costs whilst their backs are turned.

  45. Save a Million for UK kids

    Today’s kids are facing an ever more expensive future yet family finances are getting ever more squeezed. Parents know that they will need to take more responsibility for helping their kids financially; they want to but it is not easy. It is against this backdrop that KidStart has announced its “Save a Million for UK Kids” campaign. The ambition is to use the campaign to help create a community of individuals, parents and companies all committed to helping families help themselves by discovering, and sharing innovative ways in which they can save money for their kid’s future.

  46. ADHD may be a genetic condition

    Some people think that ‘bad parenting’ is the cause of ADHD.

  47. Would you know how to prevent a baby from choking?

    Are parents getting the right facts from their internet research? Half of parents struggled with what to do if their child was choking or whether they should give cough medicine to a child under 6?

  48. 1 in 4 mums spend more time online than with children

    A study by the UK’s leading discount website of 1,201 mothers has found that 21% of respondents spend more time on the Internet throughout the day than they do with their children.

  49. Four children admitted to hospital every hour due to accidents in the home

    Just two minutes a day can help prevent serious childhood accidents.

  50. BT Openworld joins with Surfmonkey to offer leading internet safety service for children

    BTopenworld had announced it will work with SurfMonkey Inc.

  51. Sprott congratulates Nelson Mattress-Wrapping campaigners following closure of Nelson Sids Group

    Dr Jim Sprott is congratulating mattress-wrapping campaigners in the Nelson region for their efforts in cot death prevention.

  52. Research sheds valuable light into the minds of young bullies

    By contrast, the 'henchmen' with whom bullies usually surround themselves, tend to be of particularly low emotional intelligence.

  53. Birth survey makes revealing reading

    Antenatal classes come under fire in a recent UK survey.

  54. Children sleep rough and turn to crime

    The Social Exclusion Unit is about to look into the calibre of education received by children in care who often experience similar problems as runaways.

  55. Ovarian grafts could help preserve fertility in cancer patients

    I am privileged to have been a part of this ground breaking study. Regaining natural hormone production is not just a question of fertility, it is my sense of self as a woman, my femininity, my sexuality.'

  56. Fathers aged 45 plus more likely to produce children with schizophrenia

    Eventually it would seem that the father's sperm is going to turn out to be just as important as the mother's egg.

  57. Older mothers more likely to have caesarians

    Women in their mid-thirties tended to have twice as many caesarians as those in their mid-twenties

  58. School dinner menus to be overhauled

    The move is intended to try to counter bad nutritional habits and to stave off the beginnings of eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. Nothing will actually be banned - old favourites such as crisps, jellies, chocolate and pastries will still be available and encouraged to be eaten in moderation. However a range of healthy options must always be offered alongside them.

  59. Schools embrace football based workbooks

    Originally designed to be revision aids, the reference books are now a firm favourite in regular lessons - and are also proving to be just as popular with girls as boys.

  60. Teenager wins top child website award

    The site covers deals with lots of key issues faced by schoolchildren on a day to day basis, and has been praised for its particularly comprehensive section on bullying.

  61. Foreign Minister voices concern for plight of Down's babies

    95% of Down's babies are aborted before birth.

  62. Nursery teacher on trial for breaking toddler’s arm

    Sentencing has been adjourned until April, while the judge obtains further reports on Lamb.

  63. Painkillers administered during labour could inhibit early bonding between mother and child

    Early study results show that the impact on the newborn is to render them incapable of feeding as efficiently as those not exposed to painkilling drugs

  64. Coach your kids to cope

    Kids crave more adventure but lack essential life skills Over-protective parents worry about kids’ safety and abilities. But parents lack essential life-saving first aid skills. Elastoplast launches campaign to help parents get clued-up on first aid and help teach kids essential life skills

  65. Latest US school slaughter attributed to bullying

    Fifteen year old Charles Williams – was carrying out a revenge attack following an extensive period of bullying.

  66. Mary Quinton – pioneer physiotherapist – dies age 88

    Thanks her own unique form of body language, she made sessions and interesting fun for the babies and children who came into her care at her clinic in Berne, Switzerland. According to her obituary in the Times, Mary Quinton ‘motivated both child and family and from the start she was able to gain the trust of parents, taking time with them, teaching them with tireless patience and integrating the therapy into every day life.’

  67. Baby hip dislocation check to be axed

    A hip screening test carried out on babies at around eight months is due to be phased out.

  68. Family Justice - your views on its future

    ‘Call for Evidence’ so that anyone with an interest in the family justice system can contribute their views on how it can work better in the future.

  69. UK children are progressively becoming over weight.

    Over the years children’s eating habits have become one of the most discussed topics in the UK.

  70. Discipline / Firm Love

    Learning how to effectively discipline your child is an important skill that all parents need to learn

  71. Who would think a grape could be harmful to a child?

    You probably thought that grapes are a good alternative to sweets – think again!

  72. Chidlalert is an integral part of DFES's Parentsonline website

    Parenting is not just about parents.

  73. Stranger danger in the bedroom

    ‘Chat Wise, Street Wise’

  74. Meningitis B vaccination begins trials

    Trials have begun in Belgium of a vaccine designed to eradicate all variations of the meningococcal B strain.

  75. Kids of depressed mums watch more TV & weigh more

    About one-third of mothers had high levels of depression while one-half were obese, depressed or both.

  76. Women entrepreneurs striking a balance

    Over half (53%) of women setting up their business are parents as well.

  77. Half Term Apple Crumble and Safety in the Kitchen

    Fay Ripley and the Child Accident Prevention Trust encourage parents and children to cook together

  78. Beware backless booster seats, says Which?

    Who should by law use a child car seat.

  79. Many Kids who smoke get cigarettes from adults

    Many minors who smoke gain access to cigarettes by asking older friends or even strangers to buy them.

  80. What is Separation Anxiety?

    A common part of a child's early years.

  81. The single most important child safety measure since the invention of the car seat

    Three children die as a result of an accident every week.

  82. The device which turns your mobile phone into a baby monitor

    The Bébétel listening device

  83. Mum has paint removed from home after fears lead could harm children

    A Worried mother is taking steps to have lead removed from her home after discovering it can reduce children's IQs by up to 30%.

  84. The autopsy revealed that Kevin died from heroine

    "Mommy, it hurts."

  85. New campaign asks you to 'give life, give hope' to those with fertility problems.

    The Department of Health today launched a new campaign to raise public awareness about the need for egg and sperm donation.

  86. Home Childcare - Now more affordable than ever

    The cost of placing children in day nurseries is constantly on the increase.

  87. Poor sight could be failing your children at school

    One in five school children could have undetected poor sight.

  88. Parents’ ignorance of first aid is endangering children’s lives

    Mother and baby magazine have just published some frightening statistics.

  89. More children eat their greens

    74% of pupils are now taking servings of vegetables and salad with their lunch

  90. Fathers must ensure they take full advantage of their statutory rights

    Almost two thirds of dads believe their relationship with their child will suffer if they are not at home after the baby is born

  91. Siblings - the order does mean something

    Confession time. As the third girl, I reap the rewards of battles already fought about make up, music, boys and nights out.

  92. Community Alerts launches national registration campaign

    Community Alerts Ltd, a Sussex based company, are launching a campaign to register the mobile phone numbers, email addresses and postcodes of every member of the public. The aim is to encourage every community to work together and help each other if the worst should happen.

  93. Canteens are the biggest barrier to healthy eating for kids

    The increase in number of children eating healthy at school will diminish without improvements to the school canteens. School Food Trust launches Canteen Rescue campaign to improve canteens across England

  94. Kids Talk - extra security for children

    Kids Talk™ is a talking ID wristband, worn just like a watch, on which you can digitally record information.

  95. Children and the mobile phone! - an addiction, a necessity or just fun?

    Ease of communication, the anywhere, anytime contact - with friends, relations, colleagues and in theory at least the efficiency brought to busy lives.

  96. Study reveals a third of parents bribe their children

    A study has shown that 32% of parents bribe their children to make them behave and 29% use bribery to ensure their kids carry out their

  97. Radiation Research Trust welcomes Chief Medical Officer’s advice on mobile phone use amongst children

    Dr Tony Jewell, recommending children minimise their use of mobile phones, and is calling on the British government to publicise its own guidance advising caution for the under 16’s more widely.

  98. How to keep children safe online

    Over a quarter of young people say their parents never talk to them about their time online

  99. Warning: long working hours can damage your health

    The way we work today means many parents don’t eat healthily or take regular exercise. Working long hours also led to increased levels of stress, resulting in irritability, exhaustion and depression.

  100. Lead Poisoning

    Britain is one of the few countries in the world to do little if anything about public awareness to lead poisoning. Children who are exposed to moderate or high levels of lead can suffer damage to their brains and nervous systems, liver, and kidneys

  101. 40% parents aren’t using suncream on their families on UK holidays

    NIVEA SUN® launches the NIVEA SUN Family Beach guide to help parents get clued-up on sun safety and have a fun-filled family holiday

  102. Home Safety

    New survey reveals mixed priorities when it comes to buying new baby equipment

  103. Motivating Children not to be a pushy parent

    When we help with homework it can so easily end in tears. And while rewards and incentives work well for some, for others they cause more arguments than they solve.

  104. Its official - bugs are good for babies!

    Results show that young children who contract at least two colds in the first twelve months of life are half as likely to develop asthma, allergies and wheezing tendencies later on than those who don’t.

  105. Boy of four in bike rage incident

    Police are still looking for the bike rage attacker

  106. Study shows 1 in 3 parents don’t cook their children vegetables

    The research, commissioned by revealed that 1 in 3, 32%, of the parents admitted that they don’t cook their children vegetables for dinner, and only 18% put fruit in their child’s packed lunch.

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