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  1. Half of parents can’t name their child’s best pal

    Mind the safety gap: Parents drop their guard online

  2. Mother develops natural cure for eczema

    Eczema is an itchy inflammation of the skin, associated to a varying degree with other features ....

  3. Child pop star teams up with minister to warn children of road safety dangers

    Last year, over 2000 children were killed or seriously injured in the darker months of 2001. In total, 219 children were killed on our roads and over 38,000 were injured in 2001. Almost 5,500 of those killed and injured were child cyclists

  4. A Guide to Baby Slings and Carriers

    Mothers have been carrying their children around for centuries if not millennia, using a variety of methods to hold the child. For a while it went out of fashion, but now babywearing is very popular and sales of various slings are booming

  5. Choosing child care

    Employing a nanny is an important responsibility. There are no legal requirements on a person applying to work as a nanny. It is up to you, as parent and employer, to make sure that you are employing a nanny who will look after your children well.

  6. Help your child to succeed

    Of all the things parents can do, the most important are what we have called the 3Ps of parenting. These are being Positive, being Persistent and Problem-solving.

  7. Prince of Wales Arts & Kids Foundation competition

    The Prince of Wales Arts & Kids Foundation have put together a fantastic competition for children aged 10-14 as part of their StoryQuest festival which starts on Thursday 30th September.

  8. Nanny tax break for middle class excludes nannies

    In fact the papers seem to have been completely misinformed about what the Government is actually doing to help working parents pay for nannies. Stories stated that the Department of Education had confirmed plans to give up to £140 in tax credits to certain parents employing a registered child carer would be extended to all working parents earning up to £50,000 a year.

  9. Sophie Graham - The inquisitive little girl

    Her parents initially turned down the audition because Sophie was too busy, but a week later, having auditioned a whole host of other children, the casting agent rang again and persuaded them to bring her along. Sophie immediately hit it off with the advert director, Jake Scott and he offered her the part on the spot.

  10. Mother of ‘abducted’ teenager blames internet

    Michaela’s mother, Sasha Bryant, had banned her from using chat rooms at home after becoming concerned about who her daughter was making contact with.

  11. Don’t forget the M@G Bag Mum!

    The designer of the all in one product, Paulette Appleby, has taken into account all of the problems associated with changing baby on the move and being able to carry all the necessary items needed to ensure baby’s comfort.

  12. Choir schools struggle to fill places

    There is the time commitment involved. While parents of successful applicants receive financial help in the form of bursaries, they still have to devote a considerable part of the week getting their children to and from rehearsals

  13. Saatchi Gallery investigated for displaying child porn

    The photos depicted Gearon’s naked children – inciting many complaints that the shots were nothing more than child pornography.

  14. Parents warned against the dangers of ‘hothousing’

    It raises concerns over the levels of extra curricula activities parents are pushing onto their already exhausted children, in a bid to turn them into high achievers.

  15. Crawlers launches new baby and toddler knee protection

    Crawlers are Baby and Toddler Knee Protector - an ideal solution for babies crawling on today’s uncomfortable flooring surfaces in the home such as laminates, wood, tiles, stone and of course itchy carpets.

  16. Stroke baby makes complete recovery

    Luke has regained use of all the affected areas in just two years and, following physiotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy is today leading a normal and active life.

  17. Breast may not necessarily be best after all

    Recent research has shown that formula-fed children are more likely to become obese and to have higher blood pressure as teenagers

  18. Exams are a top worry for 1 in 3 young people

    Exams can bring with them a whirlwind of emotions: panic, anxiety, fear of failure and fear about the future.

  19. Childalert support NAS in raising funds for Autism

    Help raise vital funds for vital educational and support services for autistic children and their parents

  20. Are escalators dangerous for children?

    Escalators do not always have to be a danger to children, especially when you give them clear instructions – or so you may think! This is a story of how a child followed the instructions given by an adult to the letter, which nearly cost him a limb.

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