Advice and Tips

  1. My three year old is very shy

    How can I help her to make friends?

  2. Allergies

    The term allergy describes a changed reactivity in the body to a specific substance entering the body eg. eaten, inhaled or injected. This substance may not be harmful in itself but results in an immune response and a reaction that causes symptoms and disease in some people.

  3. Good Night and Sleep Well

    Just how tired do you feeling the mornings - are you and your children getting enough sleep and enough quality sleep? Here are some tips to help you along the way ...

  4. Welcome aboard Dad

    Just think of the changes there have been for parents over the last 99 years. History tells us that fathers, whatever their stations in life, were not in the past involved with their newborn infants

  5. 25 ways to talk to children

    A major part of discipline is learning how to talk with children. The way you talk to your child teaches him how to talk to others. Here are some talking tips we have learned with our children:

  6. Drugs and Alcohol

    Here is some advice on what you can do in dealing with these issues.

  7. Children and the fear of drug taking ..

    It is important to remember that for most young people, illegal drug taking is not part of normal life and most people who do try drugs do not continue using them. However, it is also wise to be aware of the facts surrounding drugs and to convey these to your children at the earliest possible age

  8. What if your child is using drugs?

    It is something every parent dreads, but if you discover your child is involved in drugs, what can you do to help - and who can help you?

  9. Are you in an abusive relationship?

    It is about power, and this can be about controlling a partner by either physical or emotional abuse. It is rarely a one-off event. There are also many different forms of abuse, and physical attack is only one of them. Perhaps most of us think of a black eye or broken arm, but sex can be used as a way of dominating a partner. So can ridicule. So can control of family finance. So, too, can shouting and screaming.

  10. SuperKidSavers/

    There has never been a more important time to teach your kids about the art of savings

  11. Car restraints

    Your car restraint should be one that is designed specifically for babies. It will be fitted in the car so that baby faces backwards which is the safest position to travel in. Rear-facing seats may only be used in the front if there is no passenger air bag.

  12. Obesity in children

    How do we talk to our children about weight, health and body image?

  13. Road Safety for Children

    Every year over 130 children die and more than 4,500 are seriously injured whilst walking or cycling on UK roads.

  14. Turn off that TV....

    Whether it’s the tv or computer, children are spending an awful lot of time in front of the screen. It’s time to take action, say Teresa Orange and Louise O’ Flynn.

  15. Are you needing an Au Pair or Nanny ?

    10 Reasons Why they differ

  16. Loved up Teens!

    Young Teenage Love

  17. Homework Blues

    Tell us about your family, do you argue over homework ?

  18. Do you use the TV as a babysitter?

    A quarter of parents of young children in the UK use television as a babysitter, with huge consequences.

  19. Discipline and Firm Love

    Why do parents need to discipline?

  20. Making bedtime easier

    "I want another drink of water!"

  21. Setting Limits and Boundaries for Children

    As children hurtle along the path of growth and development, one of the main roles that parents play is to provide boundaries that help to contain and guide them. Some boundaries are physical, and already exist, like the pavement at the side of the road. Others are social – “stop hurting your little sister…” etc.

  22. Christmas Recipes

    Kirstie Allsopp’s Christmas Hints and Tips

  23. Personal Safety

    Be in control of a set of skills that help protect children from physical, verbal and psychological aggression. A child’s ability to understand Personal Safety develops through education, initiated by parents at an early age and later through experience. But every child is unique in their development and it is up to parents and teachers to judge their ability and skill level.

  24. How to prevent toddler tantrums !

    The words 'terrible twos' can strike fear into the hearts of even the hardiest parents

  25. Why must I be the one to say NO

    For many, parenting on one's own can bring advantages, but time and again I have heard the dismay behind the question, 'Why must I be the one always to say no?

  26. Shopping like a man!

    Eleven weeks to go until our new arrival and we haven't even spoken about what we need to buy. This is our first child and we have no real understanding of what is essential and what is a 'nice to have'

  27. The cost of having kids

    Having kids is one of the great joys of life but it's also one of the most expensive.

  28. Toddler Tips for Parents

    The toddler years are often described as the ‘terrible twos’ and normal toddler behaviour is labelled ‘naughty’ from day one.

  29. Tantrums

    Studies show that tantrums occur at least once a week in 50-80 per cent of pre-school children.

  30. Mums’ Anxiety Around Immunisation

    Younger mums are particularly susceptible to immunisation anxiety. Over half of younger mums worry about child immunisations, compared to just a third of mums aged over 45. Even more worryingly, 16% of younger mums have delayed vital immunisations due to concerns about pain, compared to just 6.7% of mums overall.

  31. Does television hinder children’s language development?

    Dr. Lin Day of Baby Sensory says this is not necessarily true - tv can have a positive effect on a child's literacy skills.

  32. What is the cost of raising a child?

    The ongoing economic crisis means tough times lie ahead for many families. New research from the UK’s largest friendly society, Liverpool Vicoria reveals that cost of raising a child from birth to age twenty-one has now reached more than £200,000.

  33. Separation Anxiety

    This is the anxiety that some children face when they are away from their primary carer. This is usually the mother but it may occur when parted from a Nanny or regular minder.

  34. Cuddling children is a vital part of bringing them up.

    Mothers should be taught how to cuddle and talk to their babies as part of a major Government drive to stop children descending into a life of crime as they grow up

  35. Discipline vs Punishment

    What do you do when you have tried everything possible to calm and reason with your child?

  36. The hidden battle of grandparent carers

    There are many reasons why grandparents might be raising their grandchildren

  37. How street smart are your children?

    Parents can do a lot to help their children develop their self-confidence and so make them less likely to be a victim.

  38. Being a stay-at home dad 'tiring but very rewarding'

    "At first, my dad kept sending me the jobs pages from the Telegraph"

  39. How to bring up daughters – by the Girls School Association

    A new book offers advice to parents on bringing up girls, covering everything from tattoos to teenage tantrums

  40. New Years Resolutions

    Our kids want us around a bit more ..

  41. Half of parents borrow cash from their kids

    .. Of those that have borrowed money from their children, 81% haven’t paid it back!

  42. Stepping Stones and the new PSHE curriculum for primary schools

    PSHE covers a full spectrum of life skills crucial to children and young people’s wellbeing from healthy eating to financial awareness. It helps your child get the knowledge and skills they need to lead confident, healthy and independent lives.

  43. Raising Girls

    The evidence of the potential risks for our daughters are all too apparent. We cannot ignore this but we need to prepare them for it, not protect them from it. We need to decide what skills and competencies they will need to survive and help them to develop them

  44. Sure Start Children's Centres

    I fell awkwardly out of the car and damaged the nerves in my back. I was in hospital for weeks, could barely move, and well, the rest is a bit of a blur.

  45. Baby Signing

    These methods eventually translate into recognisable verbal language, but until that time, it can be very difficult to understand what your child is trying to say to you. It is often assumed that it is a child’s frustrated efforts to communicate which lead to tantrums, tears or withdrawn behaviour.

  46. Bronchiolitis - a surprisingly common disease

    ‘It was very frightening. It all happened so quickly – at 11am he was fine but by 11pm he needed a tube to help him breathe. The hospital staff were superb. The experience made me realise even more how much we love our little son.

  47. Sure Start

    ... providing access to services for over 2.4 million children and their families across England, from help and guidance during pregnancy, to support through the important early years of your child’s development. At Sure Start Children’s Centres you will discover more than you might expect and many services on offer are free – helping you achieve more for yourself and your children. The majority of children’s centres provide access to the following services: • child and family health services, from health visitors to breastfeeding support • high quality childcare and early learning • advice on parenting and local childcare options • access to specialist services for families like speech therapy, healthy eating advice or help with managing money • help to find work or training opportunities, using links to local Jobcentre

  48. Let’s talk …NO REALLY TALK

    John failed to get into the football team, he’d been training hard getting up early before school to show his keenness but he just didn’t make it.

  49. A New Arrival

    I read somewhere once that humans crave stability and habit. When it comes to parenting, I'm not so sure. Things were just starting to get easy, stable, habitual - with a child of pre-school age able to communicate, listen to reason and (almost) wipe his own bottom

  50. Childcare

    Deciding that you will leave your baby or child with someone else on a regular basis is a big step for a parent. You will want to be confident that you have found the right person for the job.

  51. Emotional overload

    Feeling that their independence is being threatened when you refuse, for good reason, to let them wear shorts on a freezing day!

  52. A Dad's role in the delivery room

    Following the hugely successful Channel 4 series, ‘One born every minute’, which documents the day-to-day running of a maternity ward in Southampton, the parenting forums are rife with discussions on what a father’s role should be during childbirth. With the show highlighting a distinct lack of involvement from most of the soon-to-be dads, with many looking completely bewildered and helpless, it raises the question what would be the best way for prospective dads to help at this important time?

  53. Raising Boys

    It’s official: BOYS really do need more space than girls. And it’s all to do with the effect of testosterone on the bodies and brains of little males

  54. BiLingualism – ability to speak a second language

    A young child has less to learn compared with an older child so they learn faster and it seems easier. It is not a learning process but rather an acquisition process. When children are young, language among young children is "caught rather than taught" says the book by Colin Baker "A Parents’ and Teachers’ Guide to Bilingualism,"

  55. Car Seats and the law

    Research shows the best protection for children is putting them in properly fitted, purpose-made child car seats appropriate for their weight and size. When buying new car seats adults are urged to try them in their car before they buy and get a trained person to demonstrate how to fit the seats properly.

  56. Preventing children from choking on food

    Have you ever gotten a piece of food stuck in your throat or swallowed your drink "down the wrong pipe"?.

  57. Good Behaviour Management

    The 3 basic principles of good behaviour management are consistency, clarity and confidence.

  58. I can't leave the room

    Children often feel completely safe in new situations when you are there. But the distress when you are out of sight is a normal reaction. She feels unable to cope on her own and is also unsure where you are or when you are coming back. She also knows that becoming upset brings you back again and currently that is the only way she has to put things right.

  59. Keeping Fit in Pregnancy

    Exercise is possible throughout pregnancy although it should be tailored to meet the challenges of each trimester and the growing bump.

  60. How can I increase my confidence?

    Mothers often feel that they have lost their skills to do a job while on maternity leave. In most industries the job or skill set would not have changed so much that your previous skills are no longer relevant, so this should not be a problem. It is often that you are just out of practice using those skills and that may affect your confidence

  61. Feeling guilty about returning to work

    Guilt is a common emotion felt by many mothers and is often related to what we are thinking about/focussing on when we are feeling guilty.

  62. Am I too old to be a Dad?

    I’m worried I’m too old to be a dad and won’t be able to cope – do you have any advice? The responsibilities that come with first time fatherhood can seem daunting, at any age. A new baby will bring increased demands on your time and energy. Even though most fathers adapt well, the transition can be intense and cause concern. With the proper support you will not only succeed but also enjoy the adventure.

  63. Father for the 1st time

    How a father is with a baby is dissimilar to how a mother is and this distinction is important for a baby. You will hold your baby differently and speak to her differently and even change her nappy differently. She will enjoy and appreciate this difference. It is all part of your unique relationship together and it is essential for her development.

  64. If your child gets lost

    Teach your child(ren) what to do if they cant see you. Talk to your children about the possibility of losing contact and what to do if the situation does araise. They should not be alarmed but made to think for themselves.

  65. Choosing Childcare

    Nannies provide childcare in your own home and are a popular choice for many families. They can look after children of any age and should provide plenty of fun and learning opportunities in a safe environment. Nannies can often work flexible hours and can be a suitable option if you work at times when other forms of childcare are not available.

  66. Bully-proof your child with

    Children keep secrets, either because they’ve been frightened into silence, or are afraid an adult’s interference will only make it worse. This is particularly true if the bullying goes on through the internet or a phone—they worry that you might remove access.

  67. Children and Dogs at home

    ... but the introduction of a new baby into a family with a pet dog will takes some preparation and planning. Many dog owners, especially those who do not yet have children, dote on their pets and lavish them with a lot of attention. While this is terrific, there is no doubt that with the new baby will come household changes, so smart parents-to-be make the effort to prepare their best furry buddy for the needed adjustments

  68. Digital safety and your kids

    It’s natural when you’re a parent to worry about your kids’ safety and want to wrap them up in cotton wool as much as possible. You can teach them how to take care of themselves outside the home, of course – but new digital technologies poses a whole different range of personal safety issues.

  69. The Gift of an Ordinary Day!

    This well worth watching - a bit American - but every Mum out there will relate to this video in some way. Happy viewing. And take note of the Top Family Tips.

  70. Make time for child safety

    Parents needn’t feel overwhelmed by accidents, as just two minutes a day making small changes in their home – the same amount of time it takes to clean your teeth each morning – can make a huge difference to their child’s safety

  71. A dad's role .....

    Following the hugely successful Channel 4 series, ‘One born every minute’, which documents the day-to-day running of a maternity ward in Southampton, the parenting forums are rife with discussions on what a father’s role should be during childbirth.

  72. Natural Remedies

    Where as message and reflexology are very relaxing and unwinding for a mother there are other natural remedies such as Shiatsu which promote energy in the body for those times when you are feeling sluggish. A word of warning, though. Always get advice from a trained practitioner especially when pregnant, just because they are natural doesn’t mean they aren’t potent.

  73. Adoption and Fostering

    Social services departments across Britain are especially desperate for more adopters and foster carers for groups of brothers and sisters, youngsters with special needs and older children, particularly those from ethnic minorities for whom there is an acute shortage. Many local authorities now offer improved allowances and support to make it easier for people to provide a permanent and secure home for these vulnerable children. And it is not just the "perfect couple" they are after. Single people may also have a lot of offer. For some children, because of their past experiences, it is actually preferable that they are placed with a single foster carer or adopter. Age is much less important than it used to be and you can even, in some cases, adopt if you have a criminal conviction - though not if it involves children or violence. What is most important is the ability to love and to have the time and energy to put a child's needs first within a stable home environment. If you are thinking about adoption or fostering. Do plenty of research - read about other people's experiences - to find out if this could be the right step for you. Adoption and fostering may not be the easiest path in life, but for some people it can be the most rewarding.

  74. A lesson for us all.

    I'm sorry for the way I acted today; I shouldn't have yelled at you that way

  75. Eating Disorders

    There are all sorts of reasons why these disorders may develop. The main reason is from a sense of insecurity and the association that to be thin is more attractive. Both conditions are a very serious and can lead to all sorts of medical difficulties.

  76. Top 10 Toddler Tips and Top 10 Testers

    “The joy of children is something that will stay with you for life. I have four and although at times you pull your hair out, I have so many funny memories, I wouldn’t change them for the world.”

  77. Post Natal Depression

    I’m struggling to cope and am scared I don’t love my baby. Many mothers feel like this so you are not alone. Society expects us to be ecstatic and overwhelmed by huge maternal feelings and that we immediately become a mother. However, for some this can take time to develop so in the interim please do not feel ashamed, scared or guilty and try to appreciate that it is not your fault.

  78. Resentment towards my child for loss of career

    When we become mothers we often feel emotions that we hardly ever experienced before having a baby or if we did they are now much stronger.

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