In the Home

  1. Toy Safety

    Choosing and using toys wisely is an essential part of helping your child get the most out of toys and play

  2. Kitchen safety tips

    Make cooking fun!

  3. Keeping them safe while they learn

    Educational toys from Galt

  4. Childproofing Quiz

    When was the last time you crawled around your home on your hands and knees? As strange as it sounds, give it a go. Your baby will be crawling and exporing every day so why don’t you take a look at what and how they see things.

  5. Childcare Checklist

    Choosing the right kind of childcare can be difficult – but help is available.

  6. Around 50 people per year die from carbon monoxide poisoning

    As people begin to use their central heating systems with the onset of winter, the chance of a leak starts to rise.

  7. Babyproof your home

    Mothers have so much to think about that often the simplest of things can be overlooked. Here is some advice and guidelines to ensure your home is a safe and secure environment for your little ones.

  8. Are your children looked after by a nanny or helper?

    Making sure your child is safe, well-cared for and happy is one of the most vital concerns for any parent.

  9. Child Safety Week 2011

    As a special for Child Safety Week 2011 we have pulled together some frequently asked home safety questions from CAPT

  10. Childproof Your Home

    The safe haven that is home is full of hidden dangers - childproofing your home provides protection to both your children and your property. Childproofing can save minor injury, and often permanent disability or in some cases lives. It has become a billion dollar industry in the United States and Canada where there are over 20,000 qualified professionals.

  11. Building a Safety Net

    The benefits are clear when it comes to helping with their studies. But it is the social aspects they most enjoy that raises fear in some parents.

  12. Safer Together - Child Safety Week 2010

    Accidents are one of the biggest childhood killers in the UK, with five children and young people dying every week. This is four times as many children as are killed by family abuse or neglect, and 12 times as many children as are killed by strangers

  13. The campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of UK socket covers

    Unfortunately the government does not regulate socket covers; this means that perfectly safe sockets are made unsafe by inadequately and unsafe designs.

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