1. Internet Safety - Let’s create a better internet together

    Internet Safety

  2. Wireless Gadgets and Technology

    A website called wiredchild will help you decide whether to give your child a mobile phone, and when, and how to reduce their risk if they have one.

  3. Children's Internet Agreement

    Set up a contract between you and your child

  4. Mobile Phones and Texting

    The majority of children have one - but are mobile phones a necessity, an addiction, or just a bit of fun?

  5. Safer Internet Day

    "Safer Internet Day is important in making everyone think about their actions online, but this is something that people should be thinking about every day. It’s important that teenagers and adults alike remember that the things they do online can have the same consequences as those offline. We want young people to have a fun, creative and enriching experience online but also be safe in whatever they’re doing. It’s imperative that young people learn about online safety and have an awareness of their actions from an early age, as this is knowledge which will resonate throughout their life. We think a good rule of thumb for young people is that if you don’t think your mum would like what you are doing online, don’t do it.“

  6. Seven simple steps to ensure you stay safe on Facebook

    Somehow we believe that social media sites, like facebook, are there to protect us. This can't be further than the truth - we are responsible for our own actions and we need to learn to look out for ourselves.

  7. Mobile phones

    Some young people can get highly hung-up on the extremes of continuous contact - the mobile phone offers either no contact or too much contact - possibly even unwanted contact. Stress can be caused by both sender's and recipient’s frustrations.

  8. How much quality time do you spend with your kid?

    86% of mums feel technology has an impact on quality time with their kids. Should we embrace ‘techtime’ within our everyday routines like ‘storytime’ and ‘bathtime’?

  9. Parents Internet Agreement

    Your children must trust you too!

  10. Tips for Online Safety

    Empower parents with tools to help them choose what content their children see online; Educate children on how to stay safe online; Protect children through partnerships with law enforcement and industry.

  11. Keep kids safe online & 5 parenting musts!

    Just mention two words: “Online Predator” to a parent and be prepared for a full-blown panic attack. Few things are more terrifying than envisioning our kids being recruited for sexual relationships by some unseen force. Though we can ever fully protect our kids, one study gives parents critical information that just may help us stop the unthinkable

  12. How much in control are parents ?

    The debate is whether parents should have full control of all that their kids do online – that is the time they spend in front of the computer to the sites they visit, the access controls put in place and even big brother monitoring – to the belief that parents should empower their children to make the right choices and decisions. After all this is what they will need to be doing with the rest of their lives

  13. Pornography

    With 12% of all websites on the Internet being pornographic, and the average child first seeing porn online at age 11, it's important to talk to your children about pornography.

  14. Zip it, Block it, Flag it - what does it mean

    The internet opens up a world of entertainment, opportunity and knowledge. To help your child to enjoy it all safely, the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) has developed the Click Clever, Click Safe code.

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