1. Outdoor activities for children

    It's sunny and playing outside provides babies, toddlers and children with wonderful opportunities to explore and encourage all areas of their development.

  2. The common cold

    Help your baby/toddler through the Autumn and Winter blues

  3. Orthodontic treatment – health issues & kids

    Early referral to an orthodontic specialist, between the ages of six and ten ensures that if the teeth are not developing normally, interceptive orthodontic measures can be taken at the right time.

  4. Meningitis and septicaemia us raise awareness of these frightening diseases

  5. Onceaweektakeapeek

    New Campaign to help parents combat Head Lice

  6. Kids Hydration – Top 10 Facts & Tips

    With summer around the corner, families need to be extra vigilant in ensuring their kids stay adequately hydrated throughout the day. Drinking the recommended daily intake of between 6-8 glasses of liquid each day

  7. Paediatric Common Illnesses

    Click on the audio recording giving information on the most common concerns parents have about children's illnesses. You can clcik at any point on the bar to hear recordings further on as listed below.

  8. Could some foods make asthma worse?

    What are the common foods that make asthma bad?

  9. Children's Allergies Explained

    Leading paediatric allergy expert Dr George Du Toit from The Portland Hospital for Women and Children provides the top ten facts about childhood allergies.

  10. Vaccination Checklist

    Have your children had all their vaccinations.?

  11. Vaccine available to fight swine flu

    Ten facts about the Swine Flu Vaccine that people with chronic medical conditions should know

  12. How clean are your kids Teeth?

    Top 10 tips to encourage kids to clean their teeth

  13. BOTOX

    The side affects science correspondent David Deryshire of The Telegraph

  14. Eczema

    Eczema affects people of all ages but is primarily seen in children.

  15. Head Lice

    Getting down to the nitty gritty

  16. Caught early, the cancer in a baby's eye can be treated

    It was piano teacher Ruthie who recognised the condition and saved Darcey's eye.

  17. Activities for Children

    Often children will benefit far more from playing with natural materials than from bright plastic toys. Babies particularly, as they learn through their senses, so respond to many different textures.

  18. Coping with children who have a nut allergy

    A Mother’s Story

  19. Schoolgirl's rickets blamed on sunscreen

    A girl aged 12 has been diagnosed with the early stages of rickets after her conscientious mother used high-factor sun cream to protect her skin.

  20. Ear Infections in Children

    Should parents give their children antibiotics ?

  21. Common illnesses

    Learn about common childhood illnesses, like measles and mumps, .... and indeed the common cold

  22. Why might your child need physiotherapy

    Children learn about themselves and their environment through movement.

  23. Bronchiolitis - the facts

    This particular virus will have infected nearly all children by the time they reach the age of two

  24. Protecting children's teeth against decay

    30.4% of children are NOT seen on a regular basis by a dentist. 33% have missing teeth or fillings by the age of 5.

  25. Dr Miriam Stoppard on child immunisation

    48% of mums worry about taking their child for routine immunisations

  26. Top Ten Things about Swine Flu

    In a major step, there is now a vaccine available to fight swine flu – this is the first pandemic for which we have had vaccine to protect people. Ten things about the Swine Flu Vaccine that people with chronic medical conditions should know.

  27. Complimentary Medicines

    Homœopathy, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Cranial Osteopathy, Reiki

  28. Kitchen Hygiene

    What are the most important points for food hygiene in the kitchen?

  29. Childalert's Dr Tim Evans answers questions

    Common health questions from Mums

  30. Swine Flu info for 'at risk' groups

    Swine flu causes mild symptoms in most people, generally lasting for about a week, but those with a long term medical condition are more likely to be seriously ill with swine flu

  31. Swine Flu - Myth Busters

    Myth: Swine flu isn’t that serious for children over six months and under five so there’s no need to get them vaccinated

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