1. Eating for two is a myth causing diet dilemma for new mums

    Over half of pregnant women (51%) may be consuming more than the recommended amount of calories whilst new mums are restricting their calorie intake, despite recommendations that breast feeding mums require additional calories.

  2. How can I cope with pregnancy sickness?

    Pregnancy sickness is a miserable condition and one that can be very hard to cope with. It can begin anywhere from 4-5 weeks pregnant and although it does often tail off at around 12-14 weeks, some women will experience it until later, and a few unlucky people right the way through pregnancy.

  3. Swollen ankles

    It is more common in hot weather or if you are overweight, and often increases as the pregnancy progresses toward term.

  4. Foods high in iron are important during pregnancy

    Which foods are high in iron? I don’t want to take a supplement as I’ve heard they can cause constipation.

  5. All about infertility

    It is usually accepted that once married you as a couple will conceive naturally and start your family ..but unfortunately this is not as easy as we are all made out to believe. But never give up hope.

  6. Top Tips for pregnancy fitness

    In reality we do not have access to surgeons, daily personal trainers or personal chefs, so here are Jackie Diss’ top health and exercise tips for getting in shape after giving birth.

  7. Wellbeing During Pregnancy

    Starting a family is an exciting new chapter in your life and by making a few changes to your lifestyle now you will be able to give your child the best possible start in life.

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